Disney is low-key in the process of bringing *all* their animated movies back to the big screen, live-action style

On the off chance you haven’t noticed, Disney is really big into bringing their animated movies back to the big screen as live action spectaculars. Currently, there are not one, not two, and not even three, but 12 live-action Disney remakes in the pipeline. This is a very exciting time to be alive, because we’re never going to turn down another Disney movie.

We know there’s a live-action Mulan and Little Mermaid coming our way…but what about the likes of Tangled, Hercules, and Princess and the Frog? Currently, Disney hasn’t announced anything about these movies getting a live-action treatment — but there’s a high chance it will happen.

With Beauty and the Beast now on DVD, Blu-ray and HD Digital, HelloGiggles jumped on the phone with Alan Menken, the OG composer for Beauty and the Beast who *also* did the score for the 2017 remake. Now that Beauty and the Beast is over, Menken is hard at work on the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and the Enchanted sequel. If there’s someone who knows their Disney animated and live-action movies, it’s him. And he knows what’s happening next.

"There are other [movies] in the works as well but I just can't mention them," Menken hints to HelloGiggles. "One thing I can't do is ever get ahead of Disney in terms of announcing things or speculating about things. I get in trouble so I can't do that. But I think it's safe to say, yes. Until one of these [live-action remakes] completely tanks I think there's gonna be a parade of new musicals, which is very exciting."

And could there ever be, let’s say, an animated Beauty and the Beast based off of the live-action version??

"Oh God, I hope not," Menken laughs. "Oh, no. And around and around we go. No, I don't think so. Then again, who knows? I liken myself to an architect, you know. An architect designs the house to have all of the dimensions and make sure that there's a flow and it works and this window looks out on this and all the functionality. But architect doesn't build the house and certainly doesn't live in the house. "I designed Beauty and the Beast so to speak and other people are going to do what they do with it. You know if they decide, you know to then radically alter it then I could come in again as an architect. But I like people to have the freedom to try things on their own and not be totally controlling."

So maybe, just maybe, after Disney has finished all 50+ (and counting) live-action remakes, they’ll reverse the process — one day we’ll have an animated Beauty and the Beast based off the live-action movie that’s based off the animated version. Coming Summer 2037!

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