The ‘All That’ cast coming back together is the 90s reunion of our dreams

Before we were old enough to watch Saturday Night Live, before Amy Schumer and Key and Peele even existed (okay, they EXISTED, they just didn’t have TV shows yet), we children of the 90s got our sketch comedy fix via the original All That on Nickelodeon. If you watched back in the day, you most likely have super-fond memories of the cast (Kel! Josh! Danny Tamberelli  Little Pete! #LoriBethDenbergForever!)

The All That cast knows how much we’ve missed the gang, and so yesterday, as the Huffington Post reports, at New York Comic Con, the aforementioned kids gave the people what they want and got the band back together.

So maybe you weren’t in the audience yesterday (it’s totally cool, we weren’t either). Don’t worry, the cast has your back. Both Kel and Danny Little Pete uploaded vids of the reunion. Here’s the gang in the elevator with a bunch of other people that clearly do not want to be on camera (oops):

And here’s Danny and the cast explaining what happened to the Giant Ear of Corn (apparently… parenthood?):

Now of course we want a full-blown All That reunion complete with sketch comedy (and the actual Giant Ear of Corn) , but for now, we’ll be content with a few glimpses of these kids kicking it together again.


Who loves orange soda? Kel STILL loves orange soda (and he’s coming back to Nickelodeon!)

Image via Instagram, videos via Instagram/Twitter

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