Kenan Thompson is basically making an “All That” for Gen Z

Attention children of the ’90s! Do you miss the glorious days of Nickelodeon’s sketch-comedy show All That? You know, those simpler times filled with Good Burger, Ask Ashley, and teen comedy legend Lori Beth Denberg?

Well, get ready for some serious nostalgia, because former All That star Kenan Thompson is creating a new sketch-comedy show for kids called Skoogle.

Thompson will voice the character of Skoogle, a Siri-like app that offers life advice to a group of kid entrepreneurs. Oh, and the show is totally live, which just doubles our nostalgia for the days of primetime slime.

The SNL star is partnering with digital media startup for the show, but there’s still going to be some of the former Nickelodeon crew involved in the project — including Albie Hecht, the development executive behind All That and the current chief content officer of

“Kenan Thompson is a comedic genius, Hecht said in a statement about the upcoming show. “At Nickelodeon, I witnessed first-hand Kenan and his fellow cast members’ ability to turn everyday scenarios into hilarious adventures. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to once again re-team with Kenan and bring premium sketch comedy to a new generation of fans.

Maybe it’s for a new generation, but we’re still so excited, our Pierre Escargot-loving hearts can barely take the good news!

Last year, we were graced with a reunion interview with All That cast members, featuring Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, and Josh Server.

The video produced such gems as Mitchell recreating his ode to orange soda — and Denberg explaining that, no, she cannot give you any vital information if you stop her on the street.

Just LOOK at the chemistry! We’d love to see more of that, so here’s hoping that we get a little bit of an All That reunion on Skoogle. Or at the very least, a Good Burger sketch.