All of our fave celebs are shopping at Nordstrom right now — here’s why

Seriously, so many of our favorite celebrities are currently shopping at Nordstrom, which wouldn’t be big news except that the reason *why* celebs are shopping at Nordstrom is actually pretty hilarious. ICYMI, people have been protesting Nordstorm for carrying Ivanka Trump’s brand, and maybe as a result of this, or maybe just naturally, the retailer decided to stop selling her products because it wasn’t making them much money. Either way, the retailer made the change, and Donald Trump was not at all happy.

The president tweeted about how upset he was by the fact that Nordstrom would drop his daughter’s brand, so our fave celebs responded in the BEST way: by shopping at Nordstrom. And not just shopping there, but tweeting about it, too. Yeah, we’re LOLing.

So here’s the deal: Celebs are shopping at Nordstrom to make a political statement, and it’s the most fun way to protest we’ve ever heard of.

Chelsea Handler took two of her friends shopping and headed to the White House to show off their new purchases.

Chelsea Peretti announced that she just had to do the “American thing,” like, OMG.

Of course Rosie was one of the first to get shopping.

And Beth Behrs shared a special thank you with the retailer.

We’ve got all the giggles over this. TG for celebs who take a stand, even if it just means buying a couple things.

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