All bundled up, with zero chill

Hope you’re keeping warm, cuties. There’s another cold front coming in right now, bringing even more snow to Southeast Texas (what??) and a whole bunch of other places. Woohoo, global warming!

Where I’m at right now, the heat doesn’t work too well, so you’ll usually find me working from home in my coat and scarf, sitting in front of my little space heater and contemplating the concept of “chill,” writing this very post.

Weather aside, I’m all about being open with my feelings and not censoring myself when it comes to art or enthusiastic tweets. That’s kind of what fuels the goofiness of the art you’ll find here. It’s not always easy, but if you’ve ever been in a position where you feel like you just can’t speak up without looking weird or uncool, you know how stifling and frustrating that is.


Wherever you’re at, I challenge you to find a way to be totally not chill for a while. Whether it’s venting with friends, making some ridiculous art, or journaling IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE YOU CANNOT EVEN — I promise it’s the best. It helps you feel better, and it deepens your relationship with others (bonus!). It’s how I ever made it this far. ?

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