Alison Pill is 37 weeks pregnant in this adorable Asos maternity dress

Actress Alison Pill has given us serious mommy-to-be goals in her latest Instagram photo, 37 weeks pregnant with her first child and looking incredible!

Alison is currently doing press interviews for her upcoming movie, Miss Sloane, and took a second to share a selfie, shouting out Asos for creating maternity clothing that means mommies don’t have to wear pajamas 24/7.

Alison revealed over the summer that she and her husband, actor Joshua Leonard, are expecting their baby girl in fall 2016.

“When you’re an inch from 37 weeks pregnant and you’re pretending your brain still works enough to do interviews for a smarty pants political thriller… #misssloane Thank you to… Asos maternity for providing non-pajama pant options for preggos,” Alison wrote.

We have to agree — Alison’s ASOS dress is super cute. And major kudos to her for tackling a press tour when she’s just weeks away from having her baby! When she and her hubby announced her pregnancy, they told the world that their little girl is due this month.

Alison stars alongside Jessica Chastain, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Mark Strong in Miss Sloane, which is about a lobbyist renowned for being brilliant and completely ruthless at what she does.

Miss Sloane opens in theaters just in time for Thanksgiving, on November 25.