Alison Brie desperately tried to sell Jimmy Kimmel some Girl Scout Cookies

When stars make the rounds on the various late night programs, it’s usually because they’re promoting their recent movies or TV shows. While Alison Brie was on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about her upcoming film How To Be Single, she had another mission as well: Sell Girl Scout Cookies. Or, more accurately, make money from pretending to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

Alison was truly dedicated to her mission, going so far as to bring in two fake kids to pass off as her daughters, even though they definitely looked like random children she found backstage. Jimmy, being a gracious host, was still willing to put some money towards her “cookies,” especially after she revealed that Ellen had bought 400.

All in all, things didn’t exactly go as planned, so Alison resorted to even more drastic measures to get the money she wanted. Watch it all go down below!

(Image via YouTube)

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