Alison Brie and Dave Franco got engaged, because the fandom gods love love

Sometimes the fandom gods look down from on high, and decide to shower the world with happiness, light, and love. Love is the operative word today, because two very funny people who hold a special place in our hearts have sealed the deal. That’s right, Alison Brie and Dave Franco are now ENGAGED.

What? YES. WHAAAT? YES!! Brie, the Community genius who has gone on to have an impressive string of indie film roles; and Franco, the hilarious guy who killed it in Neighbors and 21 Jump Street — and is James’ little brother — are now ENGAGED. Sorry for all the yelling, but this is really exciting.

This big news was first confirmed when Brie, who’s been with Franco since 2012, stepped out onto the red carpet for her new movie, Sleeping With Other People. On her left ring finger, a gorgeous engagement ring. At her right side, not Franco; but her girls. Yup, Brie went to the premiere with some girlfriends. This is the kind of #RelationshipGoals we love, because friendship is still in the mix 100%.

While most details about the couple (including how the big question was even popped) are still quite a secret, we can check out the two of them in action together. They starred in a very hilarious, and very NSFW Funny or Die video a while back. The two play — what else? — a couple. This should hold us over till we learn what roles the cast of Community/Zac Efron will play in the wedding. Talk about a rad guest list.

(Image via YouTube)


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