Alison Brie and Dave Franco have no idea when their wedding is and that’s so damn relatable

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and even celebrities know that. Alison Brie and Dave Franco’s discussion about their upcoming wedding is just so relatable and we get what they’re dealing with.

On Thursday, the happy couple, who got engaged in 2015 celebrated the premiere of their new film, The Little Hours, at the Sundance Film Festival.

While doing interviews in honor of their new comedy, they revealed a little bit about their upcoming nuptials and it’s safe to say they are just like all of us…just figuring it out.

After Franco’s older brother, James Franco told The Late Show that the two would be tying the knot “early” this year, the couple played it coy with their answers about the topic.

"I don't know why he said that," Brie told E! News with a big smile on her face. "I don't know what he was talking about."

Brie’s blushing face didn’t exactly prove to be reassuring, but her fiancee jumped in and tried to help her.

"He doesn't know anything," Franco said about his brother's announcement. "He doesn't know what he's talking about. Who knows when it's going to be? Hopefully soon. Hopefully early this year, but again we're very lax about the whole planning."

The duo’s relaxed and secretive vibe is actually SO refreshing and relatable. Trying to plan a wedding is stressful enough without everyone asking, and going with the flow is ideally the best way to go through it…don’t you think?

Franco had recently talked about eloping with his bride-to-be and when reminded about that fact, he jumped back into that mindset.

“We will probably still elope,” he told E! News.

Okay, so basically Brie and Franco are still figuring it out, or they could be ready to tie the knot next month, we guess we’ll just have to wait it out like everyone else!