Let’s debunk this common Korean beauty myth (so you can save some money)

If you, like us, consider yourself a beauty junkie, you’re probably all over Korean beauty. To us, K-beauty is synonymous with freshness, with healing instead of covering up, with youth-inspired looks that focus on clear complexions and a healthy glow. Harvard Business School graduate Alicia Yoon knew this back in 2012 when she started Peach & Lily, a brand launched with the intention of bringing Korean beauty products and technology to people all over. Yoon “travels to Korea monthly to walk the streets, talk to locals, and meet with top [research and development] labs to discuss the newest must-have Korean skin care products and scientific developments in the works.” In other words, Miss Yoon is doing all the work for us and we get to keep slathering on the newest and coolest in K-beauty breakthroughs. It’s a great time to be alive.

One myth Yoon would like to shatter before we do anymore damage to our precious skin: more products on the face does not equal “better skin.” “It’s not about the number of steps you use, it’s about tailoring your skincare routine to fit your skin’s needs.” Yoon says. “So don’t feel pressured to have so many steps in your routine — instead, focus on understanding what keeps your skin healthy and balanced.”

This is important to note, seeing as a lot of K-beauty devotees seem to think that if they put 17 products on their face every night, they are somehow winning at beauty.



Yoon’s newly launched no-nonsense beauty site, Pibuu, aims to clarify just what ingredient does what. Complete with “Skinterviews” with beauty specialists, Pibuu is a one-stop info source for only the best of the best. And as for Peach & Lily, shoppers can rejoice. “An extremely rigorous curation process means that only 5% of the products we test make it onto our site. If we’ve curated a product, you can trust that we believe in it and that it works.”

We appreciate you, Alicia Yoon!

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