Surprise! Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender Welcomed Their First Child

The couple had the baby earlier this year.

We come bearing even more baby news this week: Alicia Vikander and husband and fellow actor Michael Fassbender became first-time parents earlier this year. Speaking with People about her upcoming film Blue Bayou, which is slated to hit theaters September 17th, the Swedish actress made note of the similarities between her and her character, who is expecting a child of her own. Becoming a mother has been “pretty beautiful,” Vikander continued to explain, and it’s something she sees inspiring her in future onscreen roles. 

I now have a whole new understanding of life in general, Vikander exclusively told People in her September 8th interview. That’s pretty beautiful, and obviously will give a lot to any of my work in the future.

As of now, it’s unclear when the Hollywood couple welcomed their precious baby, whose name has not been shared with the public. It’s also unknown whether they had a baby boy or girl. Known for keeping her private life private (very private at that), the Oscar-winning actress didn’t reveal any more personal details about her newborn in the interview. 

Vikander is also holding off from sharing her baby’s milestone moments with the world—at least for now. Right now, she’s working on being in the moment with Fassbender and their child, who’s constantly teaching her something new every day. 

“No, I think I’ll wait with that one,” Vikander responded when asked about her new life as a mom. “I’m enjoying finding it out in the moment right now, more than anything.”

Vikander and Fassbender exchanged wedding vows back in October 2017. The two met while playing each other’s love interest in their 2014 film The Light Between Oceans. And as they say, the rest is history.

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