“Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone’s son looks like her twin in this mother-son pic

We’re definitely not clueless about the fact that Alicia Silverstone’s 5-year-old son Bear Blu looks exactly like her. In fact, their similarities are tripping us out in the best way.

In the actress’ latest #tbt, Alicia and Bear are having a mother-son moment while on vacation with friends – and based on this one photo alone, it looks as though they couldn’t be closer:

See? Bear is basically Alicia’s mini me!

Bear & I at Manly Dam! ? by kind lifer @jodiemcbride,” Alicia wrote. “We spent the day together with her lovely daughter Ava and drove to the gorgeous beach and cute town of Avalon #tbt.” ? 

The sweet, candid photo was taken of the mother-son duo on the gorgeous Avalon Beach in Sydney, Australia. Yet, it’s hard to pay attention to the scenery, because Bear seriously looks like his mom’s straight up twin.

Here’s another just to confirm:

And there’s this one from last month:

Like, that’s Silverstone’s tiny face right there:

You guys, aren’t they just the cutest?

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