Alicia Silverstone and Her Son Re-Created an Iconic ‘Clueless’ Scene for Its 26th Anniversary

Petition for these two to just reenact the whole film!

It’s been 26 years since Clueless first premiered, and we can hardly believe it. To celebrate the big day, the movie’s star, Alicia Silverstone, took to Instagram to share perhaps one of her best videos ever. She tapped her son to help with the clip, and we are obsessed.

Silverstone’s character, Cher Horowitz, has a scene in Clueless where her dad calls her into his office, and when she walks in, he asks what she’s wearing. She tells him it’s a dress and he answers, “Says who?” To which Cher hilariously replies, “Calvin Klein.”

So that’s the original…but for her re-creation, her son, Bear, played the role of her dad, complete with a wig and glasses. We were instantly transported back to our childhoods and silently wished Paul Rudd would make an appearance at some point…for reasons.

It goes without saying, the video made a splash when she posted it. She got plenty of raving comments, including one from Christian Siriano that read, “Majorrrrrrrrr,” with the hand clapping emoji and so many more with hand claps and hearts.

It’s always fun to see actors embracing iconic roles from their past so many years later, especially when they’re from movies or TV shows that played such a huge role in pop culture history. When Silverstone joined TikTok in June, she did so in Clueless fashion by re-creating another scene from the film—and also with Bear!

We’re totally down for Silverstone and her little guy re-creating whatever scenes from Clueless they want. They’ve crushed it so far!

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