Alicia Silverstone Just Joined TikTok and Her First Video Is ‘Clueless’ Perfection

Ugh! As if we haven't already watched this, like, a million times!

Celebrities re-creating their famous movie and TV scenes on TikTok is quickly becoming one of our favorite trends, and now that Alicia Silverstone has officially hopped on the bandwagon we’re totally buggin’! New to TikTok, Silverstone, aka Cher Horowitz, posted her first video over the weekend with the help of her 10-year-old son, Bear, which included an iconic yellow plaid blazer and Cher’s popular “Ugh, as if!” line.

In the June 5th video, Silverstone is taking long strides down her backyard to the track of No Doubt’s “Just a Girl,” which is no doubt, one of the most iconic songs to come out of not just the film, but the ’90s as well. Dressed in all white, the actress threw on a yellow, button-down plaid blazer to complete her Cher ensemble. 

Bear quickly runs into the clip throwing one arm around his mom, just like Cher’s high school classmate did in the movie. “Ew, get off of me!” Silverstone grunts in her cheeky Cher manner—animated hand gestures and all. Then she says, “Ugh, as if!” Before the clip ends, we see Silverstone and Bear embrace in a tight squeeze.

Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok, the Clueless actress wrote beneath her very video.

It’s hard to believe that just last summer, Clueless celebrated its 25th anniversary. For many pop culture stans, Cher’s, Dionne’s (Stacey Dash), and Tai’s (Brittany Murphy) quirky one-liners are still part of our everyday jargon, and the fashion! It’s found a way to stay relevant. While there’s been no talk of a reboot, we love how Silverstone continues to embrace her inner Cher—here’s hoping for more Clueless-inspired TikToks, with her son, Bear, too!

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