Alicia Silverstone Tapped Christian Siriano to Re-Create an Iconic ‘Clueless’ Scene

If you're not already following her on TikTok, this is why you should be.

Fans who follow Alicia Silverstone on TikTok already know that she’s no stranger to flawlessly bringing Cher from Clueless back to life, and her latest attempt might be her best yet—especially since she included a celebrity designer this time.

Silverstone re-created the movie date scene from Clueless with Christian Siriano as a stand-in for the character *actually* named Christian (played by Justin Walker), and it’s basically like watching the original movie…kind of.

In the August 14th video, Silverstone and Siriano are laying on a bed, watching a movie, and she tries to cuddle up with him, claiming her feet are cold, before she ends up accidentally getting pushed off the bed, just like in Clueless. Truly, she deserves all the awards for reenacting this scene all over again more than 20 years later.

I finally got Christian in bed, she wrote in her caption.

This all took place while Silverstone was visiting France—a vacation that Siriano invited her on, and according to her recent Instagram posts, it looks like it was nothing short of magical. The Project Runway star rented out a chateau that might as well be a filming location from Bridgerton, and the trip seems super dreamy.

“I just got home last night from an amazing trip in France! So I’ll be playing catch up over the next few days. Our first day includes great company, delicious food, a gorgeous home, and many hours of traveling… 24 hours to be exact,” Silverstone posted over the weekend. “We took planes, trains, and automobiles to come here, but it was so worth it!”

A trip to France, acting out old scenes from Clueless…yep, Siriano is definitely a friend we’d want to have around. Here’s hoping more videos like this one are on the way, because even if a second movie is never coming, we’ll take all the nostalgia we can get.

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