Alicia Silverstone bares it all for new PETA campaign against wearing wool

The Clueless star is going nude for a really great cause and we have major respect for her.

Actress, Alicia Silverstone bares it all for new PETA campaign against wearing wool and she’s definitely making a statement.

The 40-year-old actress is the latest celebrity to join forces with PETA for one of their campaigns.

This specific add reads, "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Wool. Wear Vegan," and it shows Silverstone in the woods, completely naked, holding only a sheep mask.

Silverstone has supported the organization for a very long time, but now she’s modeling in the buff to help raise awareness to inhumane practices that come with sheering sheep for their wool.


Her new ad will be visible in Times Square in New York City this week and was shot by Brian Bowen Smith — oh and it’s very tastefully done, of course.

“Wool in general has not been thought about by many, many people. It’s just not something that’s really brought to their attention,” Silverstone said in the organization’s campaign video, which features sheep being harmed while taking their fur.

"The biggest thing that people always say to me is, 'Oh, but they just shear the sheep; they don't kill the sheep.' Shearing isn't like, 'Oh, let me just take your hair off because you need to give me your coat.' It's not like that," the American Woman actress revealed.

"It's like on the slaughterhouse floor where there's a conveyer belt and it's going that fast. It's just so fast, the shearing process. They're cut. They're harmed. They get very seriously wounded, and there's no care for them when they are wounded," she continued.

The vegan actress has always been vocal about saving the earth and its creatures, and this PETA add is just her latest attempt to help the world and her message is both strong and sad.

"It's just, 'Move onto the next.' These are not creatures to the people who are doing this; they're just objects. When the sheep are no longer useful, they're killed," she pointed out. "So, there is no happy place that they get to go for being a wool sheep."

Silverstone concluded her informative video by asking people to end the suffering of sheep by stopping their use of wool, which continues the harsh and inhumane cycle of sheering.

"So, if you're trying to avoid wool, why not make that leap?" Silverstone asked in the campaign video. "Say, 'I'm never going to buy wool again.'"

Go Alicia, go!