OMG Alicia Keys just dropped the full track list to her new album, but there’s a catch!

We just love surprises! And, what’s better than waking up to a brand new album from your fave musician? How about receiving an exclusive DM from said musician about their upcoming work?! That’s exactly what Alicia Keys did when she released her track listing for her soon-to-be released album HERE to fans!

Prior to sharing the deets with the public, The Voice judge hand delivered the scoop directly to her fan’s Twitter inboxes. In the DM, folks got a sneak peak look at the singer’s 16 titled album tracks before the rest of the world.

How cool?!

No shock to anyone that the reactions of Alicia Keys’ fans are so hilariously spot on!


Referred to by the artist as her “favorite album yet,” HERE is set to debut on 11/4! And with songs like Blended Family, In Common and Holy War — which she recited spoken word-style at this year’s BET Awards — we can already tell that this LP will be filled with the most inspirational messages to the sweetest melodies.

We think it’s so cool that Alicia Keys thought of her followers first before reaching out to the press. It shows just how much she truly values our opinions.


Yeah…nothing says “I appreciate you,” more than taking the time to have dope, individual one-on-one’s with the folks who support your work unconditionally <3

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