Alicia Keys released a new song on her 36th birthday, and we *so* needed it

Imagine being so kind and thoughtful as to give away free presents on your birthday. Since this actually happened, we owe Alicia Keys a huge round of thanks. As Idolator reports, the singer released a new song “That’s What’s Up” on January 25th, and we honestly couldn’t think of a better way for fans to help her celebrate her 36th birthday.

And most importantly, IT’S FREE, GUYS! Also, happy 36th birthday, Alicia! Sorry to get sidetracked but we have an unabashed love affair with receiving free stuff. Anyway, head over to Keys’ Soundcloud to download “That’s What’s Up” for free.

On Wednesday, Keys teased the new tune and the accompanying video on Instagram. In the clip, the singer can be seen stepping out of a comfy white robe and into a huge bubble bath, where she settles in and sings her praises for all the many ways in which she’s been #blessed in life.

" That's what's up #NewSong #NewVideoAlert #BirthdaySong! #gratitude! Feeling so grateful today!" she captioned the post.

Being the kickass rockstar that she is, we totally get why Keys chose to show appreciation for her life. As her fans will attest, she’s one of those celebs who is the total package, both on and off the stage. She’s a stellar songwriter and performer, a Broadway play producer, an actress, designer and humanitarian, not to mention wife and mother of two.

Keys’ husband Swizz Beatz also gave his wife a sweet birthday shoutout on the ‘gram, noting that the video was shot in a single take on an iPhone.

We are loving the beautiful imagery and lyrics. Thanks again, Alicia, for this most wonderful birthday surprise.