Alicia Keys’ two-year-old son can already beatbox better than all of us

He may be just two years old, but little Genesis Dean is already a musical prodigy in the making! The pint-sized son of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz showed off his beatboxing skills to his proud papa earlier this week. And while we expected the son of these two music legends to have some natural rhythmic chops, he ~far~ surpassed our already sky-high expectations.

In the original beat, which little Genesis apparently dubbed “1234567,” the adorable tyke lays down a solid beat while his papa helps him out (just a *little bit*) in the background. Seriously, folks, you’ve got to give it a listen. Genesis is like, wayyyy legit.

“In the middle of my #NoCommissionShanghai Genesis wanted me to hear his new beat 1234567,” the proud papa wrote in the Instagram caption.

Apparently, Genesis isn’t the only kiddo who inherited some musically-inclined genes from his famous parents. Nope, his big brother, six-year-old Egypt, is already quite the artist himself. He sings. He plays the piano. He composes. And apparently, he does it all at once — all without ever looking away from the camera!

You’ve got to give this one a listen as well, you guys. Egypt’s got mad skills.

With big brother, mom, and pops as his musical role models, it’s no wonder little Genesis is already hard at work refining his musical skills. Perhaps there’s a full-family performance in the near future? Here’s to hoping!

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