Alice Jackson Gets Over Her Eating Disorder and Into Her Skivvies

In 2006, Alice Jackson was a fashion student with an eating disorder. She ran two hours a day, ate nothing but lettuce and whittled her 5’9″ frame down to 108 pounds.

At the suggestion of her parents and doctor, Alice sought out help for her depression and her disorder, eventually reaching a healthier weight after several years of therapy. Now, at 154 pounds, she’s embracing her new body as a plus-size lingerie model and has even landed in the Top 10 for “Curvy Kate’s annual Star in a Bra” competition!

Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I realize that after seeing Alice’s photo, people will take issue with the term “plus size.” And I feel you. But instead of criticizing industry standards here, I hope we can instead focus on how amazing it is that Alice feels enough pride in her new body to show it off in such a public way.

Amen, sister! And even if Alice doesn’t win the competition (which is open until Tuesday if you want to cast your vote), she still plans on practicing what she preaches.

Alice is now a shoe design researcher and has spoken at her Alma mater (Bournemouth University in the UK) about her struggles, as well as volunteering for I-Eat, an eating disorder charity.

Featured image courtesy of Huffington Post

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