Proof that “Alice in Wonderland” could be the scariest of scary movies

Every once and a while, someone on the Internet decides to re-cut a beloved film into a movie trailer for a horror film. It’s wildly creative, and proves that you can take anything out of context and make it fit whatever story you want. Favorites like Mrs. Doubtfire and Dumb and Dumber have gotten the horror trailer treatment in the past, and now it’s Alice in Wonderland’s turn.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Alice, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit, and let’s take a look at this movie trailer with fresh eyes. Things start out innocently enough: A girl, Alice, is walking through the forest on a nice spring day when she discovers a rabbit hole. She falls down the hole, which is unfortunate, but she manages to recover fine enough at the bottom. Still, we have that feeling that something isn’t right. Why? Because of the intensely building music and the sound effect of a knife being sharpened, that’s why.


At the bottom of the hole, Alice discovers a ton of eerie, hand-painted signs with ominous directions like This Way and Go Back. To be honest, coupled with the terrifying piano music, it makes you fear for her life, and makes you incredibly happy that you aren’t at the bottom of a rabbit hole right now like she is.

Then the pace of the trailer increases tenfold, and everything starts happening at once. Footprints (are those animal tracks, or monster tracks?) appear as is from nowhere, and giant playing cards march angrily and spill red paint. Like, these guys have an agenda. At one point, a clock explodes, and a hare looks like he’s gone mad. Last we see of Alice, she gets stuck in a maze, and the outlook is pretty bleak.


But the creepiest thing about the trailer is Alice’s voiceover. Her voice is light, high-pitched and childlike, which is great for a Disney movie—but in a horror movie, it reads as “possessed demon child.” Between that and the seriously intense sound effects, this version of Alice in Wonderland looks like one scary movie!

(Images via Disney.)

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