Alexis Bledel thinks those “Gilmore Girl” promo photos were a little awkward, too

For the last few days, “Gilmore Girls”has basically been our entire life. After waiting and waiting for details, finally having the entire revival in our lap felt like a dream come true. And you know those sorta strange promo photos that came out?  The ones with the really, really big coffee mugs? Well, Alexis Bledel agrees “Gilmore Girls” promo photos were awkward, too. Recently, Bledel was on The Tonight Show to talk the series, and she explained how the promo photos for the “Gilmore Girls” revival came to be. Honestly, we were curious AF, since we’ll probably never get over those “Gilmore Girl” promo photos.

On the show, Bledel, aka Rory, defended the promo pics, explaining,

“It’s an oversized coffee mug … it’s almost as big as my face."

She continued,

"I was set up to fail there."

We’re LOLing. We can definitely see why she was struggling! We dig oversized coffee mugs, but would probably want to size down for a photo shoot. Oh, Rory.

ICYMI, the “Gilmore Girl” promo photos were a little strange, thanks to those SUPER-sized coffee mugs.

The Internet was quick to point out that something was off about those cups. Many joked that it looked like Bledel had never held a mug before.


Of course, the most important part of the “Gilmore Girl” promo photos isn’t the pose, but the mugs themselves! Our fave mother-daughter duo is all about the coffee, after all.

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