Did Alexis Bledel just accidentally reveal this major thing about Rory and Dean in “Gilmore Girls?”

November is shaping up to be one exciting month, what with a Presidential Election, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. In fact, the latter has us jumping around for joy.

But has Alexis Bledel revealed something MAJOR about Dean and Rory‘s relationship?

Now, as we know, all three of Rory’s ex-boyfriends are set to appear in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life when it hits Netflix on November 25th — we’ve seen all three of them in the trailer.

While we know that series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has said that we shouldn’t focus so much time thinking about Rory’s boyfriends, we have to say we’re still very curious to see where Rory ends up both in her career and in her personal life (#TeamJess4Eva).

Now it seems that Alexis Bledel has accidentally let slip something HUGE when it comes to Rory and Dean and we have questions…

Speaking to Us Magazine, Bledel opened up about what it was like to work with Jared Padalecki, who played Dean, again.

"It was great working with him again. He’s always so affable and friendly, and he’s got this great energy," she revealed.

Then, however, Alexis accidentally let slip THIS HUGE CLANGER *SPOILERS ALERT*.

"Our scene was so fun to film. It was great to work with him again," she said, before realizing what she said. "I guess I just said that, so oops!"

OKAY WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? By the sounds of it, Rory and Dean only share ONE scene together. We know that Dean is seen in Doose’s Market from the trailer, but could that be his and Rory’s only run in?

Basically, does this rule out a Dean and Rory reunion?

Well, looking at the facts and their history, a reunion between Rory and Dean was probably the least likely to happen. Given they were childhood sweethearts and the fact that Dean cheated on his wife with Rory (AS IF THAT HAPPENED!?), we’re not 100% sure that it would have made perfect sense for them to get back together all these years later. Too much has happened and, we assume, Rory and Dean will be in completely different places in their lives.

This potentially means, then, that the path is laid clear for either Jess or Logan. Indeed, that is if Rory ends up with anyone when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits our screens.

Just over 14 days to go!!!

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