Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just reminded the world that last year she was bartending in most relatable tweet ever

At just 29 years old, Bronx-born Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just became the youngest woman to ever get elected to Congress. Her grassroots, progressive campaign made waves in June 2018 when she beat out moderate incumbent Joe Crowley in the New York Democratic primaries. The upset proved that many New Yorkers are ready for change.

And while we’re in awe of Ocasio-Cortez and everything she’s accomplished so far, her sheer badassness also gives us slight anxiety. As one Twitter user wrote, “I’m in awe of @Ocasio2018. At 29 my biggest achievement was discovering I should maybe exercise.” false

Yep, Ocasio-Cortez’s immense success kinda makes us feel a little lazy. But fear not: the liberal politician herself jumped in to the tweet thread to assure all of us that success has no timeline, and that she—just like us—is still just trying to figure everything out.

"Last year I was bartending. [...] So don’t worry, growth doesn’t happen in a straight line! We’re all closer than we believe."

Okay, this is so inspiring…we literally might cry. Not only does it remind us that our goals are 100% possible—even when they appear improbable—but it highlights just how authentic Ocasio-Cortez is as a civil servant who just wants to make a difference. In a midterm election season that brought us a mixed bag of extreme disappointments and major successes, Ocasio-Cortez’s victory is a feminist highlight.