Conservatives tried to shame Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for making a cute dance video in college, and Twitter had clapbacks for days

Haters gon’ hate is an adage with which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is intimately familiar. Her opponents have criticized everything from her choice of outerwear to the modest home where she was raised, and now they’re coming for…a super cute Breakfast Club-inspired dance video she made in college.

On Thursday, January 3rd, a bunch of conservative Twitter accounts began sharing a video AOC made when she was a student at Boston University in 2010, dancing Breakfast Club style on a rooftop with some friends. The accompanying tweets read, “Here is America’s favorite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is,” “High School video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Congratulations New York!” and more shame-y, critical messages.

The video in question? Absurdly lovable.

And here’s the original Breakfast Club video for your viewing pleasure:

According to Mashable, the AOC video was actually an early version of a meme made after a video mashing up the Breakfast Club dance with a Phoenix song went viral; several other groups around the country made similar videos.

That aside, the intended purpose of the video—tarnishing Ocasio-Cortez’s image and reputation—was shot to hell the moment the video hit Twitter. People loved it, because of course they did. And the reaction to it was delicious.



Even Molly Ringwald, one of the film’s stars, got in on the whole thing.

UPDATE January 4th, 2019: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has responded to the “controversy” with this perfect tweet:

Dance on, queen.

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