Alexander Skarsgard shaved a huge bald spot into his head, and his fans are Not Okay

One of our favorite Big Little Lies actors just threw us for a loop — and IRL, not on the show. We’re talking about none other than Nicole Kidman’s onscreen husband. Now, we found out Alexander Skarsgard shaved part of his head and has a huge bald spot in the middle. The actor debuted the look at the “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” Louis Vuitton Exhibition Opening on Oct. 26th in New York City, and, uh, pretty much everybody freaked out.

We’re guessing, along with everyone else out there, that it must be for an upcoming role. After all, other actors have done it for the sake of work, like when Kate Hudson shaved her head. Gina Rodriguez did it, too. Of course, we still think Skarsgard looks amazing, but this look is definitely different. And it definitely caught us off-guard. Apparently, it caught the twitterverse off-guard, too.

Here’s a picture of Alexander Skarsgard’s new look.


And here’s the new look from a different angle, because this needs to be seen to be believed.


Some people really like the Emmy-Award winning actor’s new hair, so to speak.

But most people kind of lost their s#*t when they saw it.


Some people assumed the new hair is for a new acting role, and applauded Skarsgard for going the distance.

And others, TBH, couldn’t care what Alexander Skarsgard’s hair looks like, as long as he’s still Alexander Skarsgard.

Frankly, we also like Skarsgard no matter what kind of hair he has. Because it’s all about his acting, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? (But it doesn’t hurt that the rest of him is still smoking hot.)