This guy used an old Halloween skull decoration to turn his Alexa into something extremely unsettling

If you have an Amazon Echo in your home, you’ve probably wondered at least once or twice whether or not Alexa is listening in on your conversations. Inspired by the inherent creepiness of the device, a guy hacked his Alexa to speak out of a skull because, why not? We just hope he has a camera installed somewhere to capture the reactions of unwitting guests who witness the results of his work in action.

Mike McGurrin had some old Halloween decorations lying around, and he put one to good use by turning the talking skull into an Alexa voice services device.

Check out the results of The Yorick Project, which takes approximately 10 hours to complete. (Yes, you can try this at home.)

If you love your Amazon Echo but secretly wish it was just a little creepier (and you have 10 hours and a talking skull to spare), check out the directions on

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