Amazon’s AI bot, Alexa, misunderstood this toddler’s simple request and things quickly got very NSFW

Amazon’s Echo Dot is the latest craze. But, Alexa just may be inappropriate for this toddler’s ears.

When this little one asked Alexa to play one of his fave tunes, the bot threw back some NSFW titles to choose from. Frantic screams from his mother, followed by other surrounding family members, tried to stop Alexa in the midst of her listing. Their attempts to do so may have come a bit too late, however, because we definitely heard her list some that made us blush.

It was certainly embarrassing to watch, to say the least. We can only imagine how the parent’s felt!

Alexa totally misunderstood the toddler’s request.

See what we mean?!

For just $49.99, the handsfree electronic has the potential to make your life a little easier. With just your voice, you can control your music, ask for the latest news update, and even call Uber! The Amazon bot may have seemed like an ideal Christmas present for the entire family at first. But after watching this video, we’re a little hesitant to share it with the whole family.

We can’t shake the embarrassment, and are totally feeling for the all of the adults in the room. We totally wouldn’t blame the parents if they decide to make a holiday return.