Alexa Chung is the face of a pretty brillz new art-geared Instagram

Alex Chung may very well be fashion’s definition of effortlessly cool. She has the most enviable style, the chicest hair, and flawless simple makeup all day long. Basically, we want her to revamp our wardrobes and be our 24/7 style consultant. And we’re not the only ones! There are approximately a zillion Tumblrs, fan pages, and Instaccounts devoted to the British beauty and her coveted look. But there are no Instagram accounts like @ArtlexaChung.

Led by Spanish sisters Beatriz and María Valdovín, @ArtlexaChung features photos of Chung side-by-side with masterpieces of fine art. The juxtaposition highlights the striking similarities between the famous It Girl and these famous paintings by artists like Modigliani and Matisse.

Launched in mid-January, the account already has close to 8,000 followers. The number of followers skyrocketed after its namesake noticed the account, regramming the post featuring Francisco de Goya’s La Maja Vestida. Beatriz said in an interview with Elle that Chung was actually their first-ever follower, after they tagged her in a photo.

Since then, the account continues to gain traction — it’s already gained five followers since I started writing this article!

One interesting aspect of the account is the slightly quirky, subversive approach to the “male gaze.” If you’re not familiar with it, the male gaze concept is that the audience is forced to view the subjects in art in a sexualized way through the perspective of a heterosexual male.

This account spins that idea, because it’s basically a celebration of women by women, pumped through the Internet’s wonderfully democratic meme-machine.

Some of the best moments so far? Blue Alexa, Alexa in Braids and Harlequin Alexa! But all of the posts are inspiring and beautiful.

Sure, the account’s dedicated to Alexa, but what it really highlights is the creativity of the dynamic duo behind the project. Their choices showcases a really unconventional, cool perspective on the world — and draws connections we would have never made on our own but which we’re so thankful for. Plus, @ArtlexaChung is like a crash course in art history.

Who knows how long they can keep the match-ups going, but so far every single one has been immensely impressive. You go, girls!

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