Alex Trebek just nerd-shamed a contestant on ‘Jeopardy’ and it was honestly such a sick burn

Alex Trebek: Would anyone define him as cool? Nah, he’s like the King of the Nerds, right?? Or, maybe just the Earl. But still, he’s up there. But apparently, that title doesn’t stop him from calling out loser-dom where he sees it. While interviewing a contestant on Jeopardy Wednesday evening, Trebek called people who are into her kind of music “losers,” and the internet lost its cool.

“Your favorite type of music is something I’ve never heard of, but it doesn’t sound like fun,” Trebek asked the contestant, Susan Cole. “I think it’s very fun. It’s called Nerdcore Hip-Hop,” she responded, explaining a genre of music in which “people who identify as nerdy rapping about the things they love: video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners…”

“Losers, in other words,” Trebek replied.

The Nerdcore community fired back.

In fairness, Trebek did seem to be saying the words in jest, as he followed up saying, “I tease. No, I’m teasing you.”

Confession: Some of us around here (not naming names) used to produce nerd/gamer music videos for The Game Station (now Polaris). We know all about Nerdcore.

Though Trebek’s remark was a total burn, we’re not offended by it. For starters, gotta respect a sick burn. Also, the dude’s been hosting Jeopardy for 32 years. He’s gotta keep himself interested somehow, even if that means teasing his contestants in good humor.

Besides, Susan went on to win twice in a row.

So everyone in this story is a winner!