Alex Trebek rapped the ‘Fresh Prince’ theme song, so that’s awesome

The answer to this Jeopardy question is: Rap the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, Alex. OK, so now answering in the form of a question, that would be: What is the best thing Alex Trebek has has ever done on television?

Trebek has been at the helm of Jeopardy for over 30 years now, so I like to imagine that from time to time he enjoys spicing things up a little bit. It happened again on Monday night’s episode, when the game’s answer was, “In the theme to this ‘90s sitcom, ‘I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie, ‘yo, Homes, smell ya later!’”

Sure, he could have just spoke the words naturally, and any well-watched television aficionado would guess Fresh Prince immediately. But instead, reaching for the stars, Trebek took this opportunity to actually rap the lyrics. A backing track kicked in to set the beat, and off he goes, rapping on national television, “yo, Homes, smell ya later!”

The question was worth $800, and thankfully the contestant got it right. Way to make us proud, Ankoor. Also, Trebek, Keep up the stupendous work.

Check out the 14 second video below, because it’ll be the best 14 seconds of Jeopardy you watch all week.

(Images via YouTube, NBC)