Binge watch “Alex and Eric Live Together” right here!

Who doesn’t love a good binge watching session? Alex Harris and Eric Laplante became our favorite go-to couple with their first season of a “true-to-life web series about what happens when two people live together.” We fell in love with them when we premiered season 1 of Alex and Eric Live Together last year and now they’re back with another hilarious season full of uncomfortable situations that happen when…well… you live together.

Watch them live through everything from letting a friend crash at your place for a little too long to going out to dinner and over eating so much that the complete opposite of a food coma occurs.

We decided to give you all of their second season for your binge watching pleasure! Grab a snack, take a break, and get comfortable for the next 15 minutes to watch Alex and Eric Live Together” Season 2:

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