Alessia Cara’s makeup-free TV performance of “Scars To Your Beautiful” is so breathtaking

If you need us, we’ll be chillin’ over here, somewhere in the corner obsessing over Alessia Cara’s makeup free TV performance of “Scars To Your Beautiful.” On Tuesday, the 20-year-old singer took her stage look in the complete opposite direction of the YouTuber who applied 100 layers of foundation to her face. Yep, Cara went completely au naturel for her debut TV performance of the confidence-inspiring anthem on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Noticeably absent from Cara’s intentionally pared down look were the beat face, professionally styled wardrobe and perfect hair that we’ve come to expect from a singer’s first major televised performance. Instead, she rocked her natural hair and even wore her own clothes as she delivered a soul-stirring rendition of the song, which encourages others to look beyond conventional beauty standards for self-acceptance.

“I’m about to do my first major tv performance with no makeup, natural hair, and my own clothes,” Cara wrote on Twitter. “Every time I perform this song, I am choosing to be 100% natural. It just feels right to do so.”

Cara also sported a minimalist style in the video for “Scars To Your Beautiful,” which she released last week. While we can certainly still appreciate the myriad of wonderful beauty products that helps us enhance our looks, there’s something refreshing and relatable about celebs like Cara, Mila Kunis and Alicia Keys opting to go without makeup in the face of overwhelming pressure to live up to oftentimes unattainable standards.

We remain firmly perched on the fence about the grandma glasses trend celebs are into lately, but Cara’s low-key look and the inspiring message behind it certainly represents something we’re more than happy to support.