Alec Baldwin will do Trump again on SNL on Saturday and we’re not sure what to expect

A glimmer of good news under the Donald Trump hashtag: Alec Baldwin will indeed be reprising his uncanny and delightfully unflattering impersonation of Trump on Saturday’s episode of SNL. Starring host Kristen Wiig (perfect timing, Ms. Wiig! WE NEED YOU) and The XX as musical guest; Saturday’s episode is sure to blend catharsis, humor and tension-breaking topical material in that super magical way that only Saturday Night Live can. A political season without SNL is a hard one to get through, we’d assume. Let’s hope we never have to see the day. Here’s to another 43 seasons!

Try channeling these two smiling faces when Thanksgiving dinner convo turns political next week:


Several of the show’s stars came out last night to support SNL-captain Lorne Michaels at The Museum of Natural History’s annual gala event, where Vanity Fair couldn’t help but ask Mr. Baldwin the burning question on everyone’s minds: is he going to be SNL’s Trump all season? How about the next 4 years? It’s a full-time gig, for sure, and for the 58-year-old dad of two toddlers, a newborn, and two young adults; we’d wager that it’d be a full plate for old Cabletown exec Jack Donaghy. When asked where he was after the election, Baldwin answered simply:

“I’m not available every Saturday night of my life, you know what I mean? We had other things to do.”


The 30 Rock star then added that he’ll step into faux-Trump’s shoes “every now and then.” We think everyone’s a little politic’d out at the moment (would somebody get our prez off Twitter, please), and it feels like just about everybody may need a little break from it all at the moment. Even the man officially hired to play Trump seems to think less is more.

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