Alec Baldwin impersonates George Washington as Trump, and uh, just watch it

There’s no denying Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump act on SNL served as the ultimate laugh we needed throughout a long election year and even longer post-inauguration. Alec’s role on SNL might be on hiatus for the summer but fortunately for us, he’s still down to make us smile even when school is out. In his latest stint, the actor took his Commander-In-Chief impersonation skills to the next level. In a new promo for One Night Only, his upcoming roast on Spike, Alec acted as Donald Trump acting as George Washington and things got political real quick.

Alec Baldwin dressed up as the country’s first president by swapping his essential accessory for his usual role: spray tan, for powder


“Hello everyone. It’s me, George Washington, who made America great the first time,” Alec says in the clip.

The highlight of the reel comes when Alec throws some serious shade at Trump’s Russia woes.

“The press is saying the French interfered. Okay, that’s fake news. I don’t know French. I never borrowed money from the French.”

The whole video is so good and so silly on so many levels. We’ll honestly never get tired of Alec’s Trump impression.

Besides impersonating presidents during the TV special, Trump is set to be roasted by his daughter Ireland, his old 30 Rock co-stars, and even Bill Clinton. Tbh, we’re really excited for this 30 Rock reunion.


Super pumped to see this funny guy get roasted on One Night Only: Alec Baldwin which premieres on Spike, July 9th.

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