This new creamer will make your coffee taste like a sugar cookie, aka what dreams are made of

The morning’s young and you’re still waking up. You step one groggy foot out of bed, slowly stretching your arms above your head as you start to feel your body again. There’s only one thing that’s motivating you to start your day, and it rhymes with toffee. While you’re not picky about how you drink your coffee, you can’t deny the power of a nice flavored creamer.

Today’s pick? Well, today’s pick is why you hopped out of bed. Aldi’s new Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer is putting you in the fall spirit, and adding a sweet little pep in your step at the same time.


Have you ever heard angels sing, or seen a sunset so beautiful you don’t know how you’ll top it? Well, this drink is like that…but all wrapped up in a beverage. Except, please, don’t drink this by itself. Just add a splash to your coffee and sip it slowly to enjoy the rich cookie flavor. We have a feeling that the only way to outdo this cup of Joe is to dip an actual sugar cookie into it.

Extra points if it’s also a frosted sugar cookie, for some coffee inception that’s sure to blow your taste buds.

The best part about this creamer? It’s only $2.19. Plus, if you’re not a cookie person, Marshmallow Hot Cocoa is also an option.

So go ahead, treat yourself. If it gives you a reason to wake up in the morning, it can’t be that bad. And for such a good price? You have every excuse in the world.

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