Alcoholic bubbles are here, and they will be your new favorite way to get a buzz

Scoot over, rosé gummy bears — there’s an even weirder way to enjoy alcohol these days. If you’re fond of the childhood summertime activity of blowing bubbles, but wished “Man, I wish these bubbles were alcoholic,” you’re in luck.

It all started when two kids innocently asked their Dad, why can’t bubbles be lickable and made from any liquid?Because, well, part of the fun of blowing bubbles is trying to catch them. And if you’ve caught one in your mouth before, you’ve probably been left with instant regret due to the soapy aftermath. Dad took this thought and decided to create something that’d make both kids and adults happy. That product? Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles.




While our first thought was to use vodka and gin, these bubbles can be created with any liquid drink (besides milk, or other heavy liquids — but hey, you can make bubbles with your milk anytime you want.) If you can think it, Bubble Lick can bubble it. Orange soda bubbles? Sure thing. Diet Coke bubbles? Go for it. Whiskey bubbles? It’s worth a shot. This bubble product is both non-toxic and kosher and vegan friendly, so you can break them out at any party and have some fun. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy a product like this. I mean, bubbles are pretty darn magical for all ages.

You can get your own set of six (perfect for any gathering) for $18.19 on either Firebox, or Amazon. Snatch up a set, and have some good, boozy outdoor fun.

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