There’s a twist to this new album: You can only listen to it in the woods

Venturing off into the forest anytime soon? We have the perfect soundtrack to fit your experience.

Swedish folk band, appropriately named John Moose, has decided to pre-release their debut album (for free) on a mobile app. The twist? You can only access the album from the woods. Allow us to explain.

Once you download the John Moose app, the full album will be available on your smartphone. But, in order to actually play the album, you have to be in the woods. So, how might the John Moose app know whether or not you’re in the woods? Google maps, of course.

You know those areas that are shaded green on your Google maps? Yep. That’s where you have to be. Your phone will send GPS coordinates on your forest-approved location, which will then allow listeners to access the full album.

While unconventional, John Moose’s approach to this album is meant to stimulate listeners, giving them the unique opportunity to listen to the album the way the band intended it. “We want people to think about nature — what it is and how we should relate to it,” the band told Rolling Stone. “So the best way, we thought, is to force people into the woods.”

Alright, forcing people into the woods sounds a little harsh, but we definitely appreciate the fact that the band is encouraging listeners to explore the great outdoors and reflect while there.

The album itself is all about a character, named John Moose, who says adios to society to make a life for himself in nature — thus, the whole woods thing.

So, whatever woodsy expedition you may be embarking upon this summer, rest assured, John Moose will be there every step of the way. We’re kind of into it! Now we just need to get a forest adventure locked and loaded on our calendars.

You can check out iOS/Android the app for yourself right here.

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