Alan Thicke’s reality-sitcom will air this week as a tribute to the late actor, and brb crying again

This week, the world lost Akan Thicke. The beloved actor suffered a heart attack, and subsequently passed away. He was 69-years-old. This week as a tribute to Thicke, Pop TV will air Unusually Thicke. Watching the show is a great way to celebrate his work, and the happiness he brought so many fans.

Since his death on Tuesday, words of love and support for Thicke and his family have flooded in. The Growing Pains cast honored Thicke on social media. But it didn’t end there – many celebrities responded to Alan Thicke’s death with touching words. Now, Pop TV plans to air both seasons of his series, Unusually Thicke, as another tribute to him.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of Alan’s passing," Brad Schwartz, president of Pop TV said in a statement. "He was a part of our Pop family and was a tremendous talent. He was also for all who knew him, an amazing father and a true gentleman. We had the privilege to work with America’s Favorite Dad and his loss is one that is deeply felt.

Thicke spent seven seasons playing Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, but he only got to spend a couple seasons playing himself. Well, an exaggerated version of himself, but still. Unusually Thicke is a mockumentary style show starring Thicke, his wife Tanya, and his son Carter.

Thicke described the series as “reality-ish,” saying the family took “relatable real-life stories and blow them up to amuse and amaze, tossing in a handful of celebrity friends along the way.” Thicke’s sons Robin, the singer, and Brennan, a marijuana dispensary owner, also appeared in the show. Unusually Thicke also featured appearances by celebrities like David Hasselhoff and John Stamos, playing themselves.

Pop TV air Unusually Thicke from December 19th through the 23rd at 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. ET. While we’re still reeling from Thicke’s death, we’re taking comfort in the knowledge that we’ll get to watch the show and laugh with him again soon.