Did you catch these “Aladdin” references hidden in “Moana”?

The rumors about Disney hiding Easter eggs in their films are true, and we have proof. The creators of Moana left a ton of Aladdin hidden references in the new Disney film for us to catch! Though, TBH, most of them flew right over everyone’s heads.

Disney’s Easter eggs typically include a character or notable objects from classic films making cameos in newer productions. Moana was helmed by the directors of 1992’s Aladdin, so itmade for the perfect opportunity for them to have some fun.

Everything from the magic carpet to the magic lamp, which also appears in The Princess and the Frog, were hidden in the November release! But, you’d have to have a serious eagle eye to spot them.

Moana star Auli’i Cravalho shares a few of the hidden references in the video below!


So cool, right?!

We’re sure you’re just as surprised as we are.

And if you have plans of being productive today, we highly suggest that you ~don’t~ go searching for the rest of the hidden gems in Disney films. You’ll set yourself up for an intense (but totally fun) tumble down a YouTube hole of fascinating Disney facts.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more Disney Easter eggs in the future. They’re full of secrets.

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