The original ‘Aladdin’ cast just sang “A Whole New World” for us

Remember that time Aladdin and Jasmine IRL (aka, Scott Weinger and Linda Larkin) reunited at the D23 Disney convention, and our collective hearts burst in the most amazing way? Well, there has been another Aladdin reunion, and this time, things were a little more musical.

The original Disney cast got together on Good Morning America this morning in order to promote the Blu-ray release of Aladdin (which you can purchase on October 12th) — and sang “A Whole New World.” Be still, our hearts.

According to MTV News, this is the first time that the voice actors (Brad Kane and Lea Salonga — the singing voices of Aladdin and Jasmine) have sung the romantic ballad together since 1992. So, this makes this reunion all the more special, and now we are crying.

You can check out the performance right here:

Because we’re feeling extra nostalgic today, let’s tearfully stare at photos of Jasmine and Aladdin hanging out in the real world from a couple months back and hope the crew gets back together again. Maybe for an Aladdin reboot? A girl can dream.

(Images via Disney, Instagram)