Al Gore’s sequel to an “Inconvenient Truth” just premiered at Sundance, and it may be the most important movie of the year

If you saw the hard-hitting climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth, you’ll probably agree that it was one of the most important movies that has ever been made. And even though the information was difficult to digest, there’s round two for us to sink our teeth into.

That’s right, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and it’s potentially the most important film of 2017.

This one presents further evidence that the world is getting dangerously warmer, and shows horrifying imagery of ice fields exploding, cities building higher streets to try to combat rising ocean levels, and roads that are literally melting.

You might be wondering why you’d want to put yourself through the trauma of experiencing such a shocking film, but the reality is that climate change is happening, and the better equipped we are with the details, the sooner we can launch plans of action against it.

An Inconvenient Sequel is directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, the team responsible for last year’s award-winning Audrie & Daisy, which studied online bullying. So they have a strong track record.

While we can’t say we’re “looking forward” to the filme, it’s definitely essential viewing. It’s being released in the middle of the year, and in the meantime there are productive things we can do to.

The third point in that list is incredibly important, because these issues do need to be discussed. Don’t feel like you have to know absolutely all the latest details in order to talk about climate change, because we’re not all scientists or environmental experts. Simply opening yourself up to the topic will allow for active participation in the global effort.

H/T: Vulture