Aja Naomi King Revealed She’s Pregnant After 2 Heartbreaking Miscarriages

"This is my beautiful little rainbow baby."

It’s good news for How to Get Away With Murder star Aja Naomi King. The actress revealed on Instagram on March 11th that she’s pregnant with her first child after two devastating miscarriages.

King shared a stunning silhouetted photo of herself cradling her baby bump with a long and beautiful caption about her pregnancy journey so far, touching on her miscarriages and noting that she wasn’t sure if she share this story at all.

She wrote, “This is my beautiful little rainbow baby. I’ve been so deeply moved by the women who have openly shared their miscarriages. It brought me solace in a time that was incredibly painful to know I wasn’t alone. To understand that this experience is common, horrible but still common.”

After sharing that she’d gone through two heartbreaking miscarriages before this pregnancy, King wrote, “At first I wasn’t sure about sharing my experience because I felt like so many other people had way worse experiences than I did, but I realized that I can’t treat pain like an Olympic sport, as if it’s a competition and only those who have the worst stories win the right to talk about it. No matter the size of it in your mind, pain is pain and loss is loss, whatever the degree. And once you are touched by it, it stays with you forever.”

We’re wishing nothing but health and happiness to King as she brings a new baby into the world. We can’t wait to see her little one when they arrive!

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