A.J. McLean’s daughter jamming to NSYNC holiday music is exactly what we needed today

In basically the best Friday video ever, BSB member A.J. McLean and his daughter jammed to NSYNC to help celebrate the holiday season, and it’s one of the cutest videos we’ve seen in a long time. (Especially since we have a hard time believing that so many members of the Backstreet Boys are fathers now. Where has the time gone?)

McLean took the video of his daughter, Ava, rocking out to one of our ultimate favorite NSYNC Christmas songs — “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.” Ava is McLean’s first daughter with wife Rochelle Deanna Karidis — the pair welcomed their second daughter, Lyric Dean, this March. And there’s a good chance that Lyric will be as into music as her older sister. Aside from her name, McLean noted that Lyric often has music on in the background to help distract and calm her.

“[Lyric] doesn’t like driving in the car, so we have to have music on,” McLean said to Entertainment Tonight just a couple months after she was born. “We’re starting her out really young. Right now, she’s been listening a lot to David Bowie — she likes to do her little hand movements to David Bowie! It’s fun.”

So perhaps next year we’ll see Lyric “loving her some @nsync Xmas jams” on Instagram as well.

We have to say, we’d love to see both NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys take on this tune together. But if that’s not possible, maybe Britney Spears can duet with the Backstreet Boys at some point. Hint, hint.

The four of them are adorable, and we get the feeling that dance parties happen pretty often in their house. And let this serve as a reminder: ’90s pop makes everything better, including the holidays.

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