These dizzying aerial views of cities around the world will trigger your wanderlust (and maybe your vertigo)

If you’re already planning your Spring Break getaway but are falling short on just where to go, we have some info that might help you see new destinations in a totally new light. (Or is it angle?) Introducing AirPano, a group of photographers who capture dizzying aerial views of cities around the world. The Russian artists capture places like Dubai, Venice, even Chicago (for those of us whose pocket change doesn’t exactly allow us to leave the good ol’ USA). These shots become more abstract art than landscape, and the results are just plain breathtaking.

So whether you’re planning a trip or just planning to sit at your work desk and mentally escape for a bit, come with us on this insane journey around the world and, like, a billion feet in the air.

We’d be lucky to see any of these gorgeous places from any angle, tbh.

This little heart shaped island is the cutest bit of land we’ve ever seen in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia:

See Henningsvaer, Norway as the birds do in this chilly, serene overhead:

Soar over the Grand Canyon if you’re fine with heights!

The Windy City, aka Chicago, gets an orbital makeover in this mesmerizing shot:

Monaco could be a little toy village of houses on hills, and we’re obsessed:

This magical ‘gram of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia could be the most gorgeous abstract art print for  your bedroom wall:

Is this that old green circuit board from your old computer or Beijing, China?

This one of Lima, Peru is giving us major vertigo, but it’s oddly worth it. You guys go up without us, we’ll wait down here, thanks!

You think you’ve seen pics of Prague, but have you seen it like this? It’s its own planet!

Last but not least, Seattle, in all its orangey blue glory:

So what do you think? Do these shots have you packing your suitcases or gratefully kissing the gravity-friendly floor beneath you? Any of these destinations sound good to us for a little getaway, maybe a little walking tour — emphasis on walking, as in, safe on the ground. Unless we can get our hands on a super qualified and hyper-experienced helicopter pilot, these views are for the birds (literally).

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