This is the airline to fly if you want the best in-flight wi-fi

When airlines started offering in-flight wi-fi, it was a total gamechanger. The ability to respond to emails (and by that we really mean watch Netflix) in the sky is incredible. And now, we know the airline to fly if you want the best in-flight wi-fi on your domestic flight: JetBlue.

We’ve all tried using in-flight wi-fi at some point. Admittedly, it’s not always the best. The connection inevitably goes out, the price is outrageously high, you name it. So we’re super excited about these findings from about where to get a solid internet connection when you’re tens of thousands of feet high in the sky. After all, whether you need to catch up on work emails or send off some personal correspondence, getting online mid-flight is usually essential.

So, how did figure out which airline is best when it comes to their wi-fi? They scoured the internet, called in-flight wi-fi providers, and tweeted airlines. Talk about thorough. Then, their researchers ranked the best and worst airlines to fly for wi-fi in the sky, so to speak. In a blog post with their findings, states that their report is the first to gather price, availability, and speed data from all major domestic airlines and compare each airline’s specs using an algorithm created by a data science team. We could not be more impressed — and appreciative.

Congratulations to JetBlue!

And congratulations to us for being able to use their in-flight wi-fi. Here’s an easy-to-read chart of the full rankings, created by


However, not all airlines offer in-flight wi-fi all the time — it depends on where you’re going. also found that another airline, Virgin America, flew to the top, so to speak, when it came to airlines in America that offer in-flight wi-fi on 100 percent of their ASM, aka Available Seat Miles. This is the industry standard for measuring the total service capacity of an airline.


“To calculate an airline’s ASM, multiply the total number of seats in its fleet of planes by the total number of miles the airline flies in a year, stated in their post. “Our availability statistic is the percentage of an airline’s ASM on which it offers Wi-Fi.

Virgin America also took the top spot when it came to the best in-flight wi-fi for business travel.


As for the fastest in-flight wi-fi, it’s a three-way tie between Delta, JetBlue, and Virgin America.


It’s nice to see the stats broken down so thoroughly. Even though you probably won’t buy airline tickets based on in-flight wi-fi speed alone, it’s still helpful to know which airlines are on top of the game!