There’s now an airline just for millennials, and what?

Along with crepes, Beauty and the Beast, and champagne, you can now add an airline just for millennials to your favorite things about France. For anyone who was born between 1981 and 1997, you’re in for a treat. Air France is getting in on the millennial brand beat, and it is très magnifique!

Air France launches its new airline, called Joon, this September. The airline wants to give millennials an in-flight experience that caters to their personalities and desire for adventure.

Joon’s first flight will begin take-off this fall from Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris. Their long-haul flights will launch the summer of 2018.

According to a press statement released by Air France’s VP of branding, Joon caters to adult passengers whose lifestyles rely heavily on digital technology.

Word on the details of Joon’s in-flight services is still out. But, Air France has given us some insight into what the crew will be wearing. And you better believe we’re ready to book our tickets! They’re not necessarily at Britney level, but they 100% top our list of fave flight attendant wear.

The new airline teased a video of the crew’s uniforms, which feature blazers with rolled up sleeves and white sneakers.

Besides the mission statement and video sneak peek of the airline’s uniforms, the rest of what the airline experience will be is up in the air. The airline has shared that Joon won’t be like most low-cost airlines, but its experience will be similar to Air France. Which means we’re totally on board. Especially if the tech-centric airline includes tons of free WiFi and accessible charging ports!