Airbnb wants to help you plan your entire trip with this new feature

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means that it is the beginning of traveling season for many of us. And while you probably already incorporate a few things into your travel routine to keep holiday plans as painless as possible, Airbnb wants to help even more. One of the leading companies dedicated to making the travel experience as streamlined as possible, Airbnb has an updated feature that could be your new secret weapon.

Get excited, because Airbnb’s new feature can help you plan your entire trip.

Called "Trips," this new update offers users the chance to customize their trip by asking Airbnb to provide information about "Experiences" and "Places" available at their vacation destination.

“Experiences” directs you to fun activities and tours that are organized by locals, and “Places” provides locals’ restaurant recommendations.

In the near future, flights and services will also be added to the site.

For the time being, the “Trips” portion of the app only supports 12 cities around the world. But as it gets more popular — who knows?

Airbnb’s latest function could seriously take the stress out of planning a trip you will never forget.

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