Airbnb shows us what LGBTQ+ couples deal with when traveling

As a woman who loves to travel and who happens to be married to another woman, I know a thing or two about traveling while gay, also known as TWG (just kidding, I made that up). But seriously, traveling through cities and countries that aren’t your own can be tricky, and sometimes dangerous for people who are in same-sex relationships. It’s easy to get used to the comfort and safety of your own neighborhood, but once you step outside of that box, you just really don’t know who you’ll meet and the opinions they’ll have.

Airbnb took it upon themselves to sit down with several LGBT couples to discuss what it’s like for them to travel in a world that isn’t all the way gay-friendly, and we are so happy they did — because for people who have never experienced what it’s like to be gay in a foreign land.

Airbnb released their new ad campaign called #HostWithPride in conjunction with this month’s gay pride celebrations. The discussions focus on the concerns and fears that LGBT couples and families face when traveling—and it’s truly eye-opening. Check it out:

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