Airbnb is having a contest to spend the night in this Brooklyn record story (and shop there, of course)

On our list of places we’d want to spend the night, a store is lingering somewhere near the bottom, just before the wooded area in The Blair Witch Project. Seriously, who TF wants to sleep in a store? WE DO, THAT’S WHO. This Brooklyn record store on Airbnb is so fab, it prompted what’s probably the quickest change of heart in history because we’re ready to book a stay there ASAPtually.

Initially, the thought of snoozing in a store that isn’t IKEA after hours gave us chilling visions of trying to position our sleeping bag on a cold, tile floor next to a dusty row of crates full of old school vinyl, but nope – the temporary digs at Rough Trade record store appear to be quite comfy.

Get into these #views:

Now that we’ve sufficiently sold you on the unconventional sleeping arrangements, here’s how you can hole up in a record store for a night.A contest hosted in a collaboration between Sonos and Airbnb invites two separate winners to the store sleepover anywhere between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30. But it gets even cooler: Contest winners will also receive round-trip airfare from any U.S. location plus Sonos equipment and $500 to shop. And your friends can totally come over for a chill sesh as long as they’re out by 2 am.

And we’re ready to go like:


The contest deadline is Sept. 26. If you win the coveted record store vacay, don’t forget to shoot us an invite.